Ghost Vodka

The bottle comes in three designs. The Union Jack skull for a product that's British to the bone, Gold and Silver for the discerning and deserving consumer looking for an elegant and striking presentation.


Ghost Vodka is distilled in the picturesque surroundings of the British countryside. In Victorian times, an old salt depot occupied the site where our distillery stands today.
This is a new product now available in Australia and has a unique flavour due to the use of organic sugar beet in the distilling process. This makes Ghost very popular when used in a mixed drink. 
Since launching last summer at Fortnum & Mason in London Ghost has become a mainstay of the City's most exclusive venues and has now begun its journey around the world. We have recently just supported the F1 weekend in Monaco where we gained some phenomenal exposure with the Official Ghost Vodka Party at Jimmy'z in Monte Carlo featuring Akon, 50 Cent, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown who were just a few in attendance at Jimmyz over the weekend.
During May we also held events for the Cannes Film Festival where we hosted the launch party for new Cara Delevingne film 'Kids in Love', the amfAR charity gala and Leonardo di Caprio's private party.
We also sponsored the Kerrang awards in London last week and Iron Maiden won the Ghost Vodka Kerrang Legend Award: