The Good Food and Wine Show 2015

The Good Food and Wine Show is now over, but the memories still linger on. What a show. The four-day event was bigger than ever this year for its 15th Anniversary and on Saturday and Sunday it was bursting at the seams.
Here are some of the major highlights as I saw them, and a few critical observations that can easily be rectified for next year’s event.
The ‘Chef’s Table’ is a big feature of the Show and for me there were a few standouts. Ainsley Harriott, whom was a most entertaining and funny presenter. Silvia Colloca, presenter of the SBS ‘Made in Italy’ television program featuring dishes from various Italian Regions shot on location in Italy, was there too. Silvia was very engaging, natural and down to earth and I thoroughly enjoyed her session. I spoke to her afterwards about Abruzzo, where I had been a few weeks earlier and also where her family is from and we discussed the food of the region. She is very passionate about sharing her special insights about her favourite Italian food.
Also highly entertaining was Andrea Loggia (owner & creator) of Sovrano Limoncello (rated the world’s best for a number of years now) as he espoused its quality and enticed the public to taste it, in his own inimitable Italian style. Alongside him at the same stand run by The Drop Cellars was another world-class brand ‘Universal Caffe’, which was being launched for the very first time in Australia. It is also celebrating its 50th Anniversary. I think you will be seeing a lot more of this unique coffee in Australia. The crowds at both of these stands were 2 to 5 deep throughout most of the event.
 On the down side, some of the dishes served at the ‘Chef’s Table’ sessions fell way short in quality of presentation and taste - which surprised me, as people paid for the privilege of attending the sessions. It was more to do with the back end staff and management rather than the presenters. Overall, the service and back up support for the people running the stands could also do with some improvement. I tasted many of the wines available at the Show, and believe that management could well do to attract some better winemakers. One exception was ‘The Wogs with the Grog’, who had some outstanding wines and spirits on offer.
On a positive note, the section where most of the cheese makers were grouped was very good and the overall event was well worth attending. It will be interesting to see what the organisers will have in store for us at next year’s event.

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