‘Pignoletto’ A New Sparkling Style

Author: Anthony Nania   Date Posted:1 February 2016 

Italy, the land of wine and the country with more grape varieties than any other in the world, is the source of Pignoletto, a new sparkling wine style that has recently arrived in Australia, virtually un-heralded.


Pignoletto, a versatile sparkling wine which you can now purchase and taste for the first time in Australia, is a little different to your usual sparkling wine because it is meant to be enjoyed as an aperitif and can also be served throughout the whole meal. Pignoletto is both the name of the wine and the variety of the grape from the region of Emilia Romagna. In particular, it is grown in the hills of the province of Bologna, famous the world over for its cuisine.


The most likely reason behind the naming of this grape variety is its shape, resembling the berries of a small pinecone which, in Italian, is called Pignoletto.


The history of the variety dates back to Roman times, but it was not sweet enough for their taste as they preferred their wine to be very sweet indeed.


Pignoletto was previously thought to be a variant of Pinot Blanc or Riesling Italico, but recent DNA tests have revealed that Pignoletto has the genetic characteristics that are substantially identical to the Grechetto of Todi, (planted throughout central Italy, particularly in Umbria where it is used in the ‘DOC’ wine of Orvieto).


Pignoletto is a brilliant, light yellow colour. It is also pleasantly dry, but still slightly sweet with fruity aromas, a touch of pear, is lightly spiced, fresh and full bodied.


This fine and elegant sparkling wine works wonderfully well with hors d’oeuvres, fish, white meats and fresh cheeses.


VV Rating: 90 Very Good

$ Range: <$25       

V: Great Value Wine

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