Sovrano Limoncello

The World’s best limoncello didn’t happen by chance. It came about by the perfect symbiosis of a very passionate Italian artisan from Sicily who saw the opportunity of growing some of the worlds best lemons and oranges in the pristine natural environment of Kerikeri in New Zealand. The result is now history as Sovrano Limoncello has taken the world by storm by winning an extraordinary number of Gold Medals and World titles.


Sovrano is now arguably the purest and most unique limoncello ever made. Combine this with elegance, simplicity  of pure flavour and a depth of taste that lingers forever and  you have an exceptional quality product beyond compare. Sovrano limoncello is of course perfect on its own but it is also  versatile. It is brilliant in cocktails, it enhances flavours when  used in cooking and it adds a new dimension of taste when it  is poured over ice cream, fruit salad and pastries.


Sovrano Limonce Classic, Limoncello Creme, Sovrano Orangello & Sovrano Vodka Exclusively available to The Drop Cellars Pty Ltd.