Wine Glasses

The Italian design company Italesse designs and creates some of the most beautiful & technological advanced wine glassware in the world. Their products are to be found in Michelin star restaurants and other  premium Hospitality venues as well as being the glassware of choice by leading oenologist.

Their Magnum 2, Magnum Oxy 2, Privy Gran Cru & Privy Gran Cru Oxy are at the top of the range. They are Mouthblown, handcrafted and made in one piece thus completely removing the breaking point between cup and stem.

The patented Xtreme & Oxy technology utilized in the making of this crystal glassware is leading edge. Thus the glass is highly resistant, light and easy to use and has brilliant clarity.
The most impressive glass is the Magnum Oxy 2 made especially for tasting great wines such as Amarone’s, Burgundy’s, Bordeaux’s, Barolo’s, Barbaresco’s and Brunello di Montalcino’s and many others.
The wide open shape of this glass allows the wine to be directed onto the central part of the tongue so that fragrances open up in the mouth, the aromas lift and the end result is maximum enjoyment.

The Prive Gran Cru is also impressive and versatile as the 330cl size is suitable for white wines, rose’s, champagne and prosecco.

Last but not least, its important to point out that the patended internal Oxy spiral inside the bottom of the glass serves to oxygenate the wine quicker as it is swirled resulting in lifted aromas and flavours.

These glasses usually retail for $80 each.